Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science College, Thanjavur.

Business Administration

  • To be a renowned top Business School in the country with an International Bench Marking
  • To be a vibrant and innovative educator, to equip students with knowledge and skills in the Field of Management, inculcate values, identify hidden talents and provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential, thus shaping them for Global Employment, professional excellence, entrepreneurial business ventures and above all, A LIABLE CITIZEN OF INDIA.
  • To create socially and ethically committed leaders and entrepreneurs for disseminating managerial skill in the International Business Standard.
  • To enlighten students professionally to face social challenges by providing a healthy learning environment.
  • To train and prepare students to be robust champions in the Field of Management
  • Developing the personality of students in a holistic manner by combining the skills and values.

Throughout the course, the emphasis is placed on holistic development of the students to prepare them to tackle complex business challenges and opportunities.


The Department of Business Administration is one of the Pioneering Departments at Annai vailankanni Arts and Science College. The BBA Program was started in the year 2009 with the objective of a 3year full time program, equipping students to navigate the business world and prepare them to be Industry- ready managers and leaders. Throughout the course, holistic development of the students is emphasized, in order to prepare them to tackle complex business challenges and opportunities. We look forward to inviting candidates who are ready to experience life in all spheres and shine.

PG Department of Management Studies came into being during the Academic Year 2015-2016, a 2year full time program. It was approved to be affiliated to the Bharathidasan University with 60 seats initially. After 2017, we have been getting approval for 120 seats for MBA Department every year. The college now provides Specializations in Marketing, Finance and Human Recourse. The department and the candidates have been securing University Ranks and Distinction, consistently. The Department is also offering the research program, M.Phil, a full time Course, since 2017 So far, out of 17 M.Phil Registrations, 11 Students have been awarded a degree from the University. Today’s global market is complex and dynamic in nature. To become a successful person, a management graduate should have realistic capabilities.

The department focuses at harvesting excellence in management education and provides a wide platform for young graduates to equip themselves and face the global competition. Through the following measures, we help the MBA graduates solve problems and shape them to face the innovative and dynamic global competition to get a better career or to become a successful entrepreneur in their future with its mission and Vision Statements:

  • Innovative teaching,
  • Leadership skill enhancements and placement trainings
  • Realistic case analysis
  • Class room teaching
  • Group discussion
  • Summer Internship
  • Spoken English class
  • Spoken Hindi class
  • Live Projects
  • Guest Lectures
  • Virtual Trade Training
New strategies for advanced learning such as:
  • Instructional strategy
  • Additional assignment of responsibility
  • providing access to professional learning careers
  • Many other situations

Our students acquire various computer skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities and investment tactics to survive in the fields of career they take up.

Besides, our students undergo internship training, periodical Industrial visit, and project work and are actively guided during their extension activity inside, as well as outside the college. They have won numerous prizes in coveted programmers like Best Manager, Stock Wars, and Business Quiz etc., which stands as a proof for the holistic development of our students in various extracurricular activities. We use the modern techniques of teaching and learning system. We shape our students to become energetic encouraging, courageous, and creative. We personally train the students to take up online assignments, PowerPoint presentations which would enhance their professional skills.

A major project on any specialized topic of students choice is undertaken by the students in their final semester. Frequent training development and placement initiative are taken by the department, which ensures that the students face their interviews with confidence and are well placed in reputed Industries. Several students has been placed in institutions like ICICI Bank, Bajaj Life Insurance, HCL , IDBI, HDFC, Federal life Insurance etc., with a promising career and scope for development and professional growth.

The Business Administration Department has the following innovative practices intended at enhancing and sustaining overall quality of teaching and learning.

  • Bridge course in spoken English for UG and MBA students.
  • Spoken Hindi class
  • Extension Activities.
  • Add on courses
  • Industrial visits.
  • Internship Training.
  • Guest Lecture in special field/ Area
  • Special entrepreneur development practices
  • Regular Career Development Program and training.
S.NoYearName of The ProgramIntakeDuration
12009 - 2016Bachelor of Business Administration603 Year Program
22017 - Till NowBachelor of Business Administration1203 Year Program
32015 - 2016Master of Business Administration602 Year Program
42017 - Till NowMaster of Business Administration1202 Year Program
52017Master of Philosophy in Management6One Year Program
S.NoDurationHead of the Department
12009 – 2012Dr. PRABU
22015 – 2016Dr. JOHNPOUL
32016 – 2020Dr. I JUSTIN JAYA FRANCO
42020 – Till NowDr. N.INDHIRA
PG & Research Department of Business Administration Faculty Members
1Dr. S.SureshM.Com., SET M.B.A., M.Phil, SET., Ph.D.,Head of Dept.
2Dr. N.IndhiraM.B.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.,Head & Assistant Professor
3Prof. J.EdwardM.Com., M.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
4Dr. K.ArunaM.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil, SET., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
5Prof .A RosyfelciyaM.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
6Prof. K.UvastiradhaM.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
7Dr. A Jeon MythilyM.B.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
8Prof. LavanyaM.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
9Prof. Ganesh KumarM.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
10Prof. J.keerthanaM.B.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
Prgrammes offered:
# Name of the Programme Student Intake Duration
1 Bachelor of Business Administration 120 Three years(full time)
2 Master of Business Administration 120 Two years(full time)
3 Master of Philosophy in Management 02 One year(full time)
Student Strength:
(As per the April 2021, Univ exam Appearing list)
1 I BBA(2020-2023) A & B 91
2 II BBA(2019-2022) A & B 82
3 III BBA(2018-2021) A & B 83
4 I MBA(2020-2022) A 58
5 II MBA(2020-2022) A & B 83
Number of Research Scholars
1 M.Phil(2019-2020) 03
2 M.Phil(2020-2021) 02

Program Educational Objective:
  • Become successful Graduates who are competent, innovative and productive in addressing the needs of the industry, or pursue higher education and research
  • Grow professionally with their knowledge and proficient skills throughout their career.
  • Demonstrate high standard of ethical conduct, positive attitude and societal responsibilities
  • Acquire the managerial professional attributes and be capable of decision making by applying the knowledge of management discipline
  • Prepare students to undertake post-graduation management programme
Programme Outcomes:
  • Identify the different functional aspects of business world and recognize different opportunities of business
  • Acquire the different skills necessary for the professional attitudes.
  • Identify the problems and challenges and inculcate the capability to cope with the spontaneous changes
  • Analyze the importance of innovation and research, tackle the contemporary needs and accordingly grab the opportunities.
  • Develop effective and oral communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology.
Programme Specific Outcomes:
  • Graduates will develop a goal-oriented sense of business purpose
  • Graduates will be able to excel in their chosen career by experiential learning, critical and analytical thinking
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate various issues faced by corporate world with respect to management and ship
  • Effectively practices as managers and leaders in fields such as business management and shipping

Program Educational Objective:
  • To Provide Comprehensive knowledge about business and recent trends.
  • To transform the students from subject learning Era to Practical business Learning Era.
  • To Inculcate Leadership and Entrepreneur capabilities for MBA students.
  • To Provide wide knowledge about the opportunities and strategies to start the various business.
Programme Outcomes:
  • Students will understand the ethical and moral tenets of Indian and International business.
  • Students will have a comprehensive knowledge in corporate social responsibility.
  • students will understand the complex world of innovation and entrepreneurship and have a head-start in creating their own start-up.
  • students will have positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders.
Programme Specific Outcomes:
  • Train the students to become an ethical and Socially Committed Managers.
  • To Insist the foundation for a conceptual and analytical understanding of Indian Business and international business.
  • Implementing “Learning while studying” Concept.
  • Train and mold the students in technology by inviting the Experts.

Programme Outcomes:
# Graduate Attribute Programme Outcomes
1 Theoretical knowledge A comprehensive understanding of the theories underlying in the research.
2 Critical Analysis Ability to evaluate judiciously a theory and research work thoroughly
3 Use of Information and Communication Technology (ITC) Ability to integrate technology and its tools effectively in research and in teaching.
4 Communicative Competence Capability to share research outcomes, findings and their implications.
5 Ethics in research and teaching Adherence to ethical principles in research and teaching
6 Life Long Learning Continue professional development and learning as a life – long activity.
Programme Specific Outcomes:
  • High motivation to conduct research
  • Equipped with the required skills to carry out research at the doctoral level.
  • Ability to present and publish research in management.
  • Qualified to apply research solutions in the teaching of M.Phil program.
S.No.Name of the supervisors 2017 - 20182018 - 20192019 - 2020 2020 - 2021Total
1. Dr. S.SURESH (Head of Dept.) 03 03 02 01 09
2. Dr. S.SAMINATHAN 04 03 02 01 10
3. Dr. A.M.A. JENITA -- 03 01 -- 04

Program Educational Objective:
  • To provide a solid foundation in various streams of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
  • Enrich the learners with recent technologies to work competently
  • To enhance communication skills to work in any adverse environment
  • To develop leadership and organizational skills with social responsibilities
Programme Outcomes:
  • Enhancing the horizon of knowledge so as to enable the learners to carry out qualitative research and pursue academic or professional careers.
  • Developing problem analysis skills and knowledge and applying the same in real life situation.
  • Using research knowledge and aptitude acquired in the course of study for solving socially relevant problems.
  • Understanding the role and applicability of knowledge acquired in the context of society, environment and sustainable development sticking on to the ethics and values.
  • Developing effective communication skills and ability to work in teams by strengthening group dynamics.
Programme Specific Outcomes:
  • Develop high quality education in management
  • Enable students to become competitive by providing innovative pedagogical techniques, computer applications, group activities and presentations, class discussions within the classroom.
  • Prepare the students to get foundation in management, entrepreneurship and accounting.
  • Provide a solid foundation for the students to pursue professional careers and take up higher learning courses.

The PG & Research Department of Business Administration Library has International and Indian Authors book for the reference of Department faculty.

“Library Is An Area of Possibility, Opening Both A Window Into The Soul And A Door Onto The World"


The Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science College has well Equipped & Modern Technology, Computer Laboratory for the BBA & MBA Degree Programmes with WiFi Facilities.

“The True Laboratory Is The Mind, Where Behind Illusions We Uncover The Laws of Truth”


The Department has digital class rooms for dealing real time business case studies with full amenity.

“The Arts of Teaching are the Art of Assisting discovery"

Seminar Hall:

The Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science college has separate seminar hall. It can comfortably accommodate with 250 individuals. It is fully Air-conditioned and is suitable For International Conferences, Symposium, Meetings, Seminars, Concerts, Presentations and Performances. The hall is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual devices providing services such as video conferencing, a sound system and audio-visual material.

Hostel Facilities:

The Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science College providing separate Hostel facilities for both boys and girls with the following

  • Double, Triple and Quadruple Sharing Rooms.
  • Drinking water is electronically filtered and safe to drink.
  • 24X7 power backup solution.
  • Common TV Lounge.
  • Daily study hour with trained staff members.
  • Prayer hall.
Other facilities:
  • Faculty with academic excellence Industry records.
  • Trio specializations (HR, FINANCE & MARKETING).
  • Emphasis on soft skills and business skill development.
  • Training to place the students in Multinational companies.
  • Excellent Infrastructure.
  • Internship Training programme in National and International level.
  • Scholarship for SC/ST Students.

Prof. Dr. A. Vanitha

M.B.A., Ph.D., NET., 
Director  Assist. Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 02-08-2021
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M.Com., SLET(Com)., M.B.A., SLET(MGT)., M.Phil., PGDCSA., Ph.D.,
HEAD & Asst. Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 01-06-2015
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Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 05-09-2016
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M.Com., M.Phil., SLET., M.B.A., Ph.D.,
Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 24-11-2016
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Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 01-06-2017
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M.B.A, M.Phil., 
Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 01-06-2018
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M.B.A, M.Phil., 
Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 30-07-2018
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M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., 
Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 18-06-2019
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Prof.V. D. Arokiasamy

M.B.A., M.Phil., PGDCA., SLET., 
Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 15-11-2021
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Prof.A. Sathya

Assistant Prof. of Business Administration
Since: 15-11-2021
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M.Phil in Management Studies

The MPhil in Management is a pre-doctorate course of 1-year duration divided into two semesters. The MPhil in Management is a taught master’s program which offers a thorough grounding in management. It sets high academic standards and is based upon the latest academic research in the field. This course includes subjects like research methodology, strategic management, management economics, strategic development, advanced in management etc

The basic eligibility for this course is, the candidate must have a second class masters’ degree in management, commerce, social welfare or any other relevant subject from any recognized university with a minimum 55% marks aggregate. But the minimum marks required may vary from college to college.

Through MPhil in Management Studies, students are given rigorous training to gain knowledge on every aspect of different sectors from a managerial perspective.

  • Their skills will be improved to analyse symmetrically for finding any efficient solution to a problem in the respective sector.
  • By the end of the course, students will be ready to take on any problem, finding the root of the trouble and speculating an effective measure.
  • That's why almost every type of enterprise wants them in at their workplace.
  • Apart from the regular subjects of MPhil course, this learning program also prioritises computer, communication, and pedagogical ability.
  • These things prepare the students so that they will be able to act independently, guiding them to become independent researchers and economists.
List of Supervisors:
# Name of the supervisors 2017- 2018 2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020 2020 - 2021 Total
1 Dr.S.SURESH(Head of Dept.) 03 03 02 01 09
2 Dr. S.AMINATHAN 04 03 02 01 10
3 Dr. A.M.A. JENITA -- 03 01 -- 04
Total 23
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